Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Federal State Budgetary Institution of Sciences

Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (VolRC RAS)


56A, Gorky Street, Vologda, 160014, Russia.


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Personnel department:

(8172) 59-78-15

Public purchases:

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Building №1, 56A, Corky Street

  • Receiving office of the Director
  • Receiving office of the Scientific Director
  • Department of Financial and Economic Planning and Business Accounting
  • Department of Planning, Record Management, International Cooperation and Control
  • Department of Staffing and Legal Support
  • Scientific Library

Building №2, 54A, Gorky Street

  • Department for the Studies of the Problems of Scientific and Technological development and Knowledge Economy
  • Laboratory of Laboratory for Innovation
  • Technology Transfer Center
  • Laboratory of Intellectual, Programming and Information Systems
  • Sector of Technical Support and Information Security

Building №3, 56A, Gogol’ Street

  • Department for the Studies of Lifestyles and Standards of Living
  • Laboratory for Researching Potential Development Issues
  • Laboratory for Researching Administration Issues in the Social Sphere
  • Laboratory for Socio-Economic Studies

Building №4, 23, Komsomolskaya Street

  • Department of Editorial-and-Publishing Activity and Science-Information Support
  • Sector of Editorial-and-Publishing activity
  • Sector of Science-Information Studies and Marketing

Building №5, 23A, Komsomolskaya Street

  • Department for the Studies of the Influence of Integration Processes in Science and Education on Regional Development
  • Sector of Postgraduate School

Building №6, 49, Gogol’ Street

  • Department for the Studies of Socio-Economic Development Problems and Management in Territorial Systems
  • Laboratory for Researching Spatial Development and Economics of Location
  • Sector for Researching Issues of Efficiency of Socio-Economic Systems Management
  • Laboratory for Modelling and Forecasting of Territories’ Socio-Economic Development
  • Laboratory for Researching Issues of Public Finance
  • Typograph

Building №7, 51, Gogol’ Street

  • Laboratory for Researching Social Processes and State Administration Efficiency
  • Department of Full Repairs and Maintenance