Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Education and personnel

VolRC RAS conducts educational activities in accordance with Federal Law 273-FZ of December 29, 2012 “On education in the Russian Federation” and VolRC RAS Charter. The Institute has a license (No. 2466 series AAA No. 002582 dated February 15, 2012) for providing educational services in the following areas:

1. Professional education.

  • higher education – training of highly qualified personnel;
  • higher education – master’s degree programs.

2. Additional professional education.

VolRC RAS considers conducting of sophisticated, scientifically proven personnel policy as the basis for a scientific institution’s functioning. Personnel policy of VolRC RAS aims at providing best balance between the processes of renewal and preservation of staff number and quality in accordance with the organization’s needs, legislation’s demands, and labor market.

Core targets of personnel policy in VolRC RAS, its principles, methods, rules, and norms in the sphere of HR management are formulated in the Regulations “On personnel policy” approved in 2015.

Research Educational Centre

The Research Educational Centre, founded in 2003, undertakes mission to train its own highly-qualified personnel. In order to achieve this goal, REC developed and mastered the entire system of work with young hopefuls, beginning with junior pupils of secondary schools and ending with postgraduate students of VolRC RAS.

In addition, the Research Educational Centre is responsible for advanced training of research associates in the Institute through the organization of extension courses, domestic and foreign internships, and various training activities.

Master courses

Master courses at VolRC RAS start September 01, 2017. Students will be trained in Specialty 38.04.01 Economics, Focus (profile) of the program: Regional Economics and Development of Territories. VolRC RAS Master courses pursue the following goals:

  • ensuring the right of citizens to obtain education of an appropriate level;
  • training of highly qualified personnel, oriented toward all professional activities under the Federal State Educational Standard of higher professional education;
  • ensuring the replenishment of teaching staff and scientific workers of the Institute through the training of candidates for a graduate degree program.

Graduate school

Graduate school at VolRC RAS was established in 1996. The goal of VolRC RAS graduate school is to train highly qualified scientific personnel able to conduct research independently and creatively within their chosen specialty. The training is intramural (three years) and extramural (four years) on a state-funded and contractual basis. VolRC RAS graduate school trains scientific and pedagogical personnel within Specialty 38.06.01 “Economy”. Areas (profile) of training are as follows:

  • Economics and national economy management;
  • Finance, money circulation and credit;
  • Mathematical and instrumental methods of economics.

Scientific advisors of graduate students are leading experts from VolRC RAS and higher educational institutions of Vologda, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

The area of dissertation research of graduate students is closely connected with the research conducted at the Institute. In 1997–2015, there were 57 successful defenses of the dissertations of graduate students, applicants and doctoral candidates at VolRC RAS.

VolRC RAS graduate school carries out the training of scientific and pedagogical staff under the certificate of state accreditation (No. 1496 series 90А01 No. 0001587 dated October 22, 2015).

Additional education

Additional professional education is a subtype of additional education, which is included in the system of education in Russia and provides for the implementation of the right to education throughout life (lifelong learning). VolRC RAS admits students in the following programs:

  • Management of sustainable development in the region (advanced training program).
  • English for business communication “BUSINESS ENGLISH” (INTERMEDIATE level) (advanced training program).
  • Implementation of the program for development and international promotion of a scientific journal (professional development program).

Scientific schools

Scientific seminars-discussions, conducted by postgraduate students and research associates within the frame of scientific schools, play an important role in the improvement of the theoretical and methodological level of dissertations.

Authors of dissertations

The main indicator of the efficiency of postgraduate studies is the number of defended theses. From 2000 to 2015 57 postgraduate students and VolRC RAS specialists defended their theses, including 53 Ph.D. and 4 doctoral theses.